Some of the most commonly asked questions we encounter.

Do you sell wooden decking?
No. We have a 100% belief in the composite decking we offer and would never offer a timber alternative.

Do you deliver?
Absolutely! We can deliver to anywhere in the UK.  Some postcodes are more challenging than others so incur higher delivery costs but that won't come as a surprise to those that live there.

Do you install decking?
We don't install decking ourselves but we're happy to advise whoever is doing the work - whether that's you, a handyman, a gardener or carpenter.

Do you supply samples?
Yes! If you'd like to see the colour and texture of our composite decking before you buy, we'll be happy to send you two FREE samples. All you'll pay is £4.95 postage. If you want to see more than two, they'll be charged at £5 each (plus postage) but we'll refund those costs if you subsequently place an order. For more details click here.

How do I claim my FREE gift?

  • Make a note of the FREE Gift Code - you may have seen one in a magazine or in a pop-up window
  • You'll find a link to the FREE gift on the relevant product pages; click on it and then add the gift to your cart
  • When you reach the checkout page type the FREE Gift Code into the discount code box.  If your order meets the minimum spend requirements, the cost of the gift will be taken off your invoice
  • If the discount doesn't apply after you've added the code because you haven't spent quite enough, you can choose to pay for the item or simply remove it from your cart  

How do you install Composite Decking?
Our guides tell you everything you need to know about planning and installing your new WPC deck:
How to build a base
How to install Composite Decking Boards

How much is composite decking vs wood?
While the initial outlay may seem a lot more, when you look at the costs of timber deck upkeep and maintenance and add in the fact that composite deck boards last twice as long, that investment is well worth it. Take a look in more detail here.

Is Composite Decking really worth it?
Yes! The amount of time and money you need to spend keeping your timber deck in top condition is more than twice that of a composite deck. So, unless you really enjoy crawling round on your hands and knees, sanding and staining faded wood, WPC is the way to go! Read more here.

What are the disadvantages of Composite Decking?
There are only two and even those depend on your point of view.
Firstly, it costs more initially. The boards are 30% to 50% more than timber equivalents but, over the long term, wood will end up costing you more in time and upkeep. 
Secondly, WPC can last over 30 years which means you need to be really happy with the colour and finish that you choose - you can't change the colour like you can with a wooden deck. Take your time, gather samples and make sure you invest is something you absolutely love. We're happy to send samples out to help you decide.